Friday, November 30, 2012

November Foodie PenPals

This month I discovered foodie penpals. Head over to to find out more about the program. Basically, everyone sends and receives a package to/from another foodie from around the country. Then on the last day of the month, everyone reveals who their pen pal was and what they received in a post!

Being a first timer, this month was really exciting! I couldn't wait to come home and have a box full of goodies waiting in the mail for me. Monica from Nomstoppable sent me my package...

I can't lie...the second I opened the box I dove into the chocolate with hazelnuts. Amazing. I couldn't stop myself and could eat these all day everyday. No joke.

as you can see I couldn't even wait for a picture to dig in!

Also included was some yummy granola (I actually use this kind myself so it was perfect!), and homemade oatmeal baggies, ready to make. I haven't made the oatmeal yet with all the business of holidays and cooking, but I love the idea. 

The coconut chips were a big hit with Matt since he loooooves anything coconut, so I guess it was his lucky day. 

Chai green tea is always amazing and the multigrain crisps are the perfect salty snack. I have also yet to try the pickled radishes, but Monica gave some great tips on how to use them, like with soup or rice, so that will be on the menu this week!

Thank you for all of the treats, Monica!

Foodie PenPals is such a cool way to get to know other bloggers and even readers can join in the fun! I sent my package to Jason over at MaurPowerFoodie, so check out his blog to read about that, too!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Engagement Photos!

My wonderful mother and step-father surprised Matt and I with an engagement present: a photo shoot! We spent a beautiful fall Sunday at the Wayside Inn site to capture some snapshots of this exciting time in our life together. Here are a few of my favorites

All photos courtesy of Prism Point Photography

I love having some nice photos of us, although I'm planning on a more journalistic style of photography for the actual wedding. And we are off to look at wedding venues for the first time this weekend! 

Loving every second of life with this man :)

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

KEEEN-WAHHH. yum. I am loving my 5lb bag of Quinoa from BJs - so worth the money and I like it better with most dishes than brown rice. This recipe is a winner in my book and so so sooo easy. My favorite way to cook... healthy, delicious, and easy.

Cheese makes everything better.