About Me

I'm Meg and I'm a working girl in the kitchen and on the run. 

I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and it wasn't until I met my fiancee that I was inspired to take control of my life and health. He introduced me to running - something I never thought I could do. I was the kid who walked the 1 mile in gym (remember that dreaded day once a year!?). Even when I played volleyball in high school I was never able to keep up with the warm up runs lead by the captains. I learned that consistence is the key to training, and that was my problem for so long. Once I got consistent with my running I easily worked up my mileage. One mile down...two down.... FOUR MILES! I couldn't believe it. It became so easy. I never let myself take more than two days off anymore - plus I actually enjoy running now! The feeling you get when you finish a 7 mile run (all by myself, I might add) is incomparable. 

I love to cook! I make recipes that fit my new healthy lifestyle, but I don't sacrifice on flavor. Most of my recipes are simple which I think is important for busy people that want to keep a healthy lifestyle. I believe in clean, organic eating, but am also a firm believer in everything in moderation. I love pasta, but I only have it as a special treat nowadays.

I hope my journey through weight loss and training can inspire others to get healthy :)

Total weight lost to date: 40 lbs
Total inches lost to date: 25"
1 mile PR: 8:00 min
5k PR: 28:14
Distance PR: 9.00 mi - getting to 13.1!!

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