Friday, August 10, 2012

New Name and Updates

I have been thinking of changing the name of my blog for a while now, so I finally did it! Welcome to:

In the Kitchen & On the Run

Exciting stuff! I thought it suited the contents of my blog better since I post about cooking as well as all things running related. You can still Kiss the Cook if you'd like, though :P

As promised, here is a summary of my weekly running schedule:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: 4-5 miles
Tuesday: 5k
Wednesday: 5k
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 5k
Saturday: Distance - usually between 6 and 7 miles, but I'm trying to add on each week

Sometimes I will switch up my rest days, but I have trying to be very strict with myself and only allow a maximum of two. If I don't I end up losing motivation and that could lead to taking a whole week off! Having a routine is extremely helpful - you know what you have in store and can look forward to rest days if you need them. My body needs at least one rest day because I tend to get knee and hip pain after longer runs.

I can tell my speed and endurance are definitely improving because I have gotten much faster at the 5ks and the longer distance runs are becoming easier. Nothing beats a long run on a sunny, breezy day.

I have also gotten back into strength training - a must! I want rock solid abs baby - and I WILL get them.

And of course, always make time for R&R. My favorite = BEACH! 

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  1. Looks like you are doing a awesome job!!! Keep up the great work!!!